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Panacea @ pixels festival (29/12/01)

one of the reasons of panacea´s success is his leading idea of the anti-principle. against all rules and musical classifications he invents his own revolutionary style out of drum 'n' bass, industrial, death-metal, speedcore, techno, breakbeats and rave: techstep-punk is the keyword! the unique artist is known and performing all around the world in countries like the states, canada, japan, brasil, taiwan and of course all over europe. he
worked with labels like position chrome/force inc. in germany, ant-zen and hands productions, caipirinha and industrial strenght in the states and also contributed one of the wellknown john peel-sessions. mathis mootz is known for being "the hardest man in drum 'n' bass" and just sold 5000 records of his latest lp "german engineering" on position chrome in the first two weeks. the label itself is one of germany´s leading and best-selling drum 'n' bass-imprints and was nominated by london´s "knowledge"-mag for the best international drum 'n' bass-label. in april 2001 panacea has dropped his new split-lp named "the hardest tour on planet earth" after the successful tour he played last year with label-mate cativo, who also recorded 5 tracks for
the cd. performing live, panacea unveils diabolic forces to move the crowd and push the audience to the boundaries. it´s hard to explain to people who never saw him playing but his energetic and charismatic habit of a real superstar is able to really touch people and cure the harmed souls!

Panacea @ sonar 2000
Panacea @ pixels
Panacea @pixels