SCARCUBEM Munich - Germany Style : Electronica
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Live@Rezolutions (23dec2000) -----Hi96k

"READY FOR A GERMAN UNDERWORLD ANYONE?" (ministry of sound, uk)

is scarcubem's "electronica-pop" just a rumour you have heard somewhere, or are they already on their way to fame and honour? well, who knows. scarcubem still is no mass phenomenon, even though the reaction of those people, who could listen to their music, very often were absolutely enthusiastic, and especially of many fo those press-people all over europe.

if you are having a closer look at the tracks of the duo from ulm, you will find pop-melodies and 80ies inspired vocals (remember depeche mode, pet shop boys) on top of multiple layers made of sound and rhythm structures of increased complexity and unusuality. is this the music for the new millenium, based on the roots of warp and rephlex? is this what we expect to be popular in the future? well, who knows.