Veejay team from Weimar/Germany
GenericPreset is :
RDG - Dipl.Des. Georg Dümlein
34 - Bahadir Hamdemir
optoyz - Dipl.Ing. Stefan Kraus

Since 1999 we are working on several TV projects and touring clubs and festivals as live video performers.gP understands VJing not as a copy of the process of DJing, but as a real live performance with all it's risks and benefits.
It is not about simply mixing preproduced loops together, but to create kind of a video synthisizer fom many analogue videoswitchers, notebooks, colorcorrectors and cameras.
This "Instrument" can and has to be operated by several people. It is always an experiment that has numerous possibilities to generate and manipulate procedural Imagery.
A gP Performance is the quest for the perfect Mix/Process in wich the Music and Images melt together into a unique expirience for the viewer.
During a performance we find and destroy these Perfections just to regenrate others.

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mix exemple 1
Medium CC

mix exemple 2
gp short 5

mix exemple 3
gp short 15