Mix By Leekid

"When I had my shortlived radioshow (the first time) on I was introduced, by way of site interaction and so forth, to the one known as Leekid. His mixes were, especially at the time - those four or five years ago, and still are phenomenal listening sessions. Comprised of lots of the best material from the different sonic pools I swam in then, as I do now, all assembled in top notch form and with some serious insight to the music and forsight to the mix. Deep, long, intelligent, and rare mixes through realms of ambient, IDM, trip hop, downtempo, breakcore, drum.n.bass, and more. Usually residing somewhere on the mellower end of the spectrum, by comparison only to the mix this particular entry is about, they still remain in heavy rotation while I’m driving.

This mix shows the rough and rugged side of Leekid in all its glory. All of the absolute best in distorted and industrialized drum.n.bass and breakcore in a techstep tendency through to some of the best more breakorized items in similar realms. This shit makes me feel like I’m ten years in the future looking back at myself ten years in the past experiencing music from the next decade in another dimension. Spectacular."

Chroniqué par Decker pour Grindthieves

1)Problem Child "Agressive" (PC010)
2)Panacea "Anti-sozial" (PC021)
3)Christoph Fringelli "untitled" (RB002)
4)Heinrich At Hart "Breack" (PC033)
5)Eye D&Atomly "Metric" (FEAR002)
6)X&Trick "Fnukie Drummbass" (BK002)
7)Paul Blackout "Revolution" (HLINE13)
8)Antistatik "Midnight Rush" (Ask04)
9)Triceratops "Drum'N Belleville" (Mangedelabass02)
10)Bong-Ra "Hecate is a witch" (ZharkLP03)
11)Repeater "Global K" (opT09)
12)Sree "The Intruder" (X86-007)
13)Minimal Dancer "Check Point (one)" (CDR03)
14)DJ Scud "Strong Back" (SUB/VERSION009)
15)Vile Enginez "Undermine" (SUB/VERSION008)
16)Radio Bomb "Cerberus" (RB3004)
17)Pushy! "untitled" (PUSHY04)
18)Übergang "Polyptychon" (LOW020)