"Goût pour ce qui touche à l'Orient; imitation des moeurs ou des arts de l'Orient; style, genre oriental."

Mix By Leekid

1)LUNCHBOX "Vegemite Toast" (AG029)
2)FILASTINE "Slpinter Faction Delight" (Soot#11)
3)APHASIC "Junkrock" (Junk03)
4)WANG LEI "Earth" (Elephant Rec.)
5)IMHOTEP "Still A War In The East" (Delabel)
7)SUB DUB "Vision Quest 2" (AG002)
8)DJ RUPTURE "Desplazados" (AG022)
9)HIGH TONE "Liquid Surfaces" (FX53LP)
10)OVE-NAXX "Warte" (Soot#6)
11)2/5 BZ "Militant Oriental (Peel Session II)" (GZL12-002)
12)MAGA BO "3Akel" (Soot#13)
13)HECATE "Where Is Your Lord Now ?" (Zhark Int. 013)
14)ENDUSER "Bollywood Breaks" (ADN041)
15)NETTLE "Serranito" (AG014)
16)HECATE "Where Is Your Lord Now ?" (Zhark Int. 013)
17)MUTAMASSIK "Show2Show_Dj Rupture rmx" (Soot#4)
18)FORGOTTEN FISH MEMORY ORCHESTRA "Interpol" (Toolboxltd03)
19)NETTLE "Firecamp_Com.A+Dj Shiro The Goodman rmx" (AG018)
19)MUSLIMGAUZE "You Have Limbs" (BSI019-1)
20)FORGOTTEN FISH MEMORY ORCHESTRA "Hu Dy Da_tradiotional" (Toolbox-promo)
21)BADAWI "Fatal Confrontation (Gashka Meets The Gate Keeper)" (ASP 0992)