Schizophrenia Tracklist

1)BOB MARLEY "The Heathen_Ambient Translation in Dub from Bill Laswell" (Axiom Promo)
2)WASTELAND "Doomed" (Trans03)
3)SOLAR SKELETONS "Waiting for the Next Chapter" (BDF015, Radon Europa, etc.)
4)SCORN "Enough to Hold Bottom" (fx067/adn88lp)
5)LINE 47 "Creations (Sound from Light)_Fault rmx" (TD03)
6)INNASEKT "Structure" (Sprengstoff14)
7)HELIXIR "Smiles and Cries" (SI.04)
8)MANUTENSION "Ravers of Dub" (Reverb57lp)
9)LUSINE ICL "Scheming" (Hymen037)
10)LA MOUKAT "Blumil" (Fluo01)
11)CEEPHAX "Snifter's Acid" (CAT186lp)
12)SLEPCY "Flying Things" (Vrock005)
13)AUTECHRE "Vletrmx_Plaid rmx" (WarpLP69)
14)THE SABRES OF PARADISE "Wilmot_Red Snapper rmx" (WarpLP69)
15)ANDREA PARKER "Too Good to Be Strange" (TB028)
16)MANASYt "1984" (TD008)
17)MACKJIGGAH "Tower" (POP12.014)
18)DOORMOUSE "Black Feathered Dawn" (Hymen408)
19)A034 "Unboot_Anticracy rmx" (HYDROPHONIC07)